Our Procedure

Coccyx X-ray Dislocation Coccyx X-rayPreviously, the three most common ways of treating tailbone troubles have been surgically removing the tailbone (coccygectomy), masking the pain with short-term medications or steroid injections, and simply ‘living with it’.  At Midwest Tailbone Treatment Center, we do not believe people should have to ‘live with it’ when we offer a simple, non-surgical treatment option.  Our comprehensive treatment program incorporates exercise, chiropractic care, massage, and manual adjustments to help alleviate your tailbone pain.

Our procedure has helped free thousands of people from their tailbone discomfort.  This procedure is a non-surgical approach to release the jammed or dislocated tailbone, and allow full range of motion.  It does require an internal rectal contact on the coccyx, which only lasts approximately 60 seconds.  During this time, the doctor will stretch the coccyx and its surrounding ligaments and muscles to allow full movement.  Typically, it is the restricted motion of the jammed tailbone that causes the pain symptoms that many patients are feeling. Our procedure is different from most internal coccyx manipulations.  Patients have stated that our procedure is unlike any coccyx adjustment they have had in the past.